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Summer Robotics Camp Registration is open! Sign up today!

Let’s Build robots all week. Design, build, and program a different robot each day. Learn robot design, construction and programming using Mindstorms EV3 including mechanical structure, motors, gears, power, sensors, and much more. Join us for one day ($99), two days ($155), four days ($285) , or the whole week ($335) . Every day will be different and lots of fun!

Check out our new School Holiday Schedule (and don't forget about special Snow Days Robotics Workshops!)

Robot Works, LLC is proud to partner with Activity Rocket - a first of its kind searchable website to find activities and camps for kids ages 6-18. Find and register for our classes and workshopson the Rocket .

Sign up for Basic Robotics on Mondays, Advanced Robotics on Tuesdays, or use our Flexible After-school Option to pick your level, day of the week, and start time. This year we are excited to focus on Arduino robots in our Advanced class. After-school Sessions run three hours a week for five weeks or you can use our Flexible Option to buy fifteen hours that you use according to your schedule. Cost is $165 per five week (15 hours) session. Classes started the week of September 11th, but you can join us at any time.

Don't forget our other programs! We offer in-school and home-school programs, after-school enrichment classes, Saturday Workshops, as well as, life-long learning for seniors, corporate meetings (team building?), birthday parties, and much, much more...

Call for additional info: 703-364-5418 or email us at robotworks@cox.net

Spring Break Robotics Camp (March 26-30, 2018)

Join us on Saturdays (from 10:00 to 3:00) to build robots using Lego EV3, Arduino, or Raspberry Pi. Choose your robot control system and work at your own level (basic, intermediate, or advanced). Click on the title for schedule.

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After-school Robotics at Cardinal Forest

After-school Robotics at our place in Burke

Registration is open for Spring after-school classes. The Cardinal Forest PTA is sponsoring two classes: Lego Gadgets and Gizmos on Thursday from 4:00-5:30 and Intermediate Robotics on Monday from 4:00-5:30. All classes will be held at Cardinal Forest School. Click on the titles to register.

Let's Build Robots!

COMPASS Homeschool Enrichment Group is registering students for the Winter Quarter. We will be teaching three classes: "Build It Gadgets and Gizmos", "Engineering Lab - Electronics 102 with Programming", and "Robot Fab Lab - Battle Bots".  Check out their website (www.compassclasses.com) for more information and to sign up.