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Hands-on Science & Engineering Academy

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Have fun all day Saturday building robots or other mechanical contraptions, and learn maker-skills at our morning specialty classes. Parent-child

teams are encouraged. Check the schedule for dates and topics.

Let's Build Robots!

Robot Works, LLC is proud to partner with Activity Rocket - a first of its kind searchable website to find activities and camps for kids ages 0-18. Find and register for our classes and workshopson the Rocket .

Don't forget our other programs - we offer in-school and home-school programs, as well as, life-long learning for seniors, corporate meetings (team building?), birthday parties, and much, much more...

Learn to design, build, and program robots using LEGO Mindstorms EV3. Choose between three different, fun-filled programs: Basic Robotics (Mondays), Advanced Robotics (Tuesdays), and Robotics Programming (Thursdays).

Look for our One-Day Robotics Workshops scheduled on student holidays throughout the school year.  Students participate in hands-on learning as they design, build, program robots. Workshops run from 9:00am to 3:00pm.