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Robot Works started as a series of summer camps for friends and relatives almost ten years ago. These camps grew in popularity and size every year until now when we can finally offer all the fun to others.

Our Board of Advisors consisting of parents, teachers, home-schoolers, and small business owners, has provided invaluable assistance in preparing our classes, camps, and workshops. We also love to hear from other parents with ideas for new sessions. 

Robot Works, LLC - 8992 Fern Park Drive, 2nd Floor - Burke - Virginia 22015

Robot Works, LLC, is a small business specializing in HANDS-ON  science and engineering. We focus on robots and we teach K-12 students how to design, build and program robots using the engineering design process. We use robots because they are hands-on and they touch all STEM subjects. Hands-on activities engage students in the learning process, motivates them to learn, and fosters creativity and teamwork. Students gain knowledge through experience. Designing, building, and programming robots develops problem-solving and critical thinking skills - skills everyone needs. And besides, robots are fun!

We love robots and so do kids!

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