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Hands-on Science & Engineering Academy

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Use our flexible option if our schedule doesn't meet yours. You pick the weekday (Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday), the level of class (Basic, Advanced or Programming), the date you want to start, and starting time and we will tailor our program just for you.  Let's build robots!

Robotics Programming (Thursdays for five weeks – 3:30-630 (SEE NOTE AT RIGHT))
Students can study either the graphical EV3 programming language or RobotC. If they choose EV3 programming, students will learn all about Mindstorm’s EV3 programming language to control robots.  These sessions are focused on programming robots to SENSE, THINK, and ACT autonomously, rather than on mechanical design and construction. Students learn about blocks, program flow, data wires, and variables; and test their programs in Lego’s Robot Virtual Worlds and with real robots. If they choose RobotC, students learn to program EV3 robots using RobotC, a C-based programming language developed by Carnegie Mellon. Students learn about syntax, program structure, motors and sensors, variables and functions, and debugging; and test their programs in Lego’s Robot Virtual Worlds and with real robots. No previous programming experience is required for EV3 Programming. Recommended for all grade levels. RobotC is recommended for graduates of our EV3 Programming or those with previous programming experience in any language.

     Session Three (1/12-2/9); Session Four (2/16-3/16); Session Five (3/23-4/27); Session Six (5/4-6/8)

Advanced Robotics (Tuesdays for five weeks – 3:30-6:30 (SEE NOTE AT RIGHT))
Students participate in project-based learning that covers advanced robot design, construction, and programming using Mindstorms EV3. Students build robots to solve objectives of real world missions. Recommended for graduates of our Basic Robotics program or for grades 6-12.

     Session Three (1/10-2/7); Session Four (2/14-3/13); Session Five (3/21-4/25); Session Six (5/2-6/6)

After-school Programs

Check our new five week schedule

Basic Robotics (Mondays for five weeks - 3:30-6:30 pm (SEE NOTE AT RIGHT))
Students learn basic robot design, construction and programming using the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 including mechanical structure, motors, gears, power, sensors and much more. Recommended for complete beginners or K-5 grades.

     Session Three (1/9-2/6); Session Four (2/13-3/13); Session Five (3/20-4/24); Session Six (5/1-6/5)