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Hands-on Science & Engineering Academy

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Design and build robots using LEGO Mindstorms EV3 and the Engineering Design Process. Learn structure, motors, gears, power, sensors and much more as you design and build cool robots in preparation for fun competitions. Each week is different. Pairs well with EV3 Programming.

Basic and advanced camps in Lego EV3 robotics or Arduino. Learn robot design, construction and programming using Mindstorms EV3 or the Arduino microcontroller, including mechanical structure, motors, gears, power, sensors, programming syntax, and much more. All camps are focused on a unique mission objective and include fun competitions throughout the week. Arduino camps include basic electronics and “learn to solder” sessions. Two different camps are scheduled each week to ensure you get to pick the camp you want. Join us and have the best summer you’ve ever had!

Recommended for 8-16 or graduates of Basic Camp

Arduino Robotics

Advanced Robotics

Recommended for all ages

Basic Robotics

Robotics Summer Camps

Design and build and program robots and other automata using the Arduino board. Learn about basic electronics, breadboarding, robot structure, motors, gears, power, sensors and much more as you design and build cool Arduino robots. Basic programming is included as part of the camp.

Recommended for all ages

Summer Robotics Camp Schedule:

(all camps 9:00-3:00 each day)

Delve deeper into robotics design, construction, and programming with more difficult, real-world problems to solve. Build autonomous robots that can think for themselves and participate in complex competitions such as the DARPA Lunar X-Prize and Robotics Competition scaled to Lego size.